It's A New Year

Well...It is 2016. It is a new year and I have started a new quarter at school. It is only the first week of school and I am already stressed out. One class wants us to turn in at least three things a week while the other gives you vague instructions on what to do for our assignments. Plus the teacher doesn't respond when you leave a question for him. It is irritating. I have to start looking for a new job, since I am not getting enough hours at the one I am currently at. Hopefully I can find something within the field I am studying but it is tough. On top of all the stress my puppy is sick. She got an infection. Luckily it is treatable with antibiotics. It is tough because I have to give her medicine twice a day, plus I have to wash her face and eyes every time she eats. She is not too happy about having her face washed either. Oh well. I am alive. My family is alive. So overall it is a great year so far.
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Xiah Junsu

It's been a long time...

Life has been crazy. I finished college finally. I managed to get a job, although not in the field I wanted, a job is a job. I started graduate school earlier this year. It is a lot of writing and research but I have managed to get the hang of things. Hopefully next quarter will be as good as the past two have been. Listening to K-Pop, J-Pop, and Mando-Pop really helps me take my mind off all the assignments and stress of each day. Although things are busy and stressful now, I am one more step closer to my goals. Life is busy but life is good.
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It took a long time but finally in a little over three weeks I am graduating from college! Of course it is only step one but at least I finally get my Bachelor's degree. Next is getting a job and applying to graduate school, but either way I am totally excited for my graduation. I can't wait! ^^

School registration is just ugh...

In the final year of college and it is killing me. Why do they only offer two time slots for a class that every senior in my major needs to complete to graduate, and only offer 100 spaces in each the two? It makes no sense whatsoever because there are more than 200 seniors that need to take the class. It is really irritating. Oh well, hopefully I can get into the class otherwise, summer school here I come.


Been drowning in school but finally I am able to return in two weeks. I finally graduate and have the summer off before I start school all over again in September.

Offline For a While

I'll be gone for a little while. My 3 month old niece was taken to the hospital early yesterday morning around 3AM. My sister called me and told me that my niece is really sick. So I drove about 8 hours to see her. I'm going to be staying here, helping out my sister with nephew while she stays at the hospital with my niece. So I won't be able to get online for a while. I only have a few seconds to write now as it is. So I didn't disappear. Just family problems that I need to help out with.
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Yesterday was a horrible day. A whole lot of fighting that started off between my oldest sister and my mother and somehow ended up involving my other sister and myself. Yesterday must have been stupid day or something because man were people stupid. My oldest sister is pregnant and my mother flew out there to take care of my nephew (my sister's other child). Well my mother and sister get into a fight over how my mother will not put my nephew down. My sister and her husband don't want my nephew to be held all the time and told my mother that. Well she got mad and bought a plane ticket back to LA. So she left my sister hanging since she was supposed to go to the hospital last night and have the new baby. So she had no one to watch my nephew. So my sisters and I are all kind of mad her my mother right now for throwing a fit over something like that and leaving my oldest sister hanging.

Luckily my oldest sister was able to get her husband's parents to take care of my nephew while they went to the hospital. And on the plus side today is a better day. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning at 8AM. She was 9lbs and 3.8ozs. It's funny because last week she was only 7lbs 6ozs. She grew a lot in this last week. So today is a much better day.

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It's been a while, hasn't it. I've returned from my sister's about two weeks ago. But I ended up getting really really sick. To tell you the truth I have no idea what happened but somehow i ended up in the hospital. My dad said that I passed out and wasn't responding to anyone. I've been here for over a week and it sucks. What a great way to start the new year you know? I've been so sick that I haven't been able to do anything. Today is the first day I finally got to use the computer. My doctor says I'm starting to get better but I still have to be here for at least another week. Man I just want to go home. But I hope everyone else's new year is going a whole lot better than mine. Happy New Year everyone!
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More Randomness

It has been raining all day long and man does it wear me out. Yesterday I was finally able to go see Ninja Assassin (Yay Rain & Joon!) and it was great. A lot of blood but that's to be expected in a Ninja moive. But I absolutely loved it. There were only about two things that weren't very realistic, like the time the ninjas were told to kill him then all of a sudden these highly trained ninjas couldn't hit their mark right. So that bugged me a little but it was good overall. Joon did a great job (for his first time acting) as teenage Rain. I definitely plan on going to see it again. I've known about this movie since February, so I'm extremely happy that it's finally out.

So just got my plane ticket today. Yay! I'm going to see my pregnant sister and my 1 1/2 year old nephew. I am totally excited about it. Now only if I can get my mother to come out to it would be one of the best Christmas's ever.

Totally random but have you notice that a lot of K-Pop artists and entertainers are getting Swine Flu? It's absolutely crazy! It's like every few days someone new gets it! The latest I think is Shinji from the old K-Pop group Koyote.

Well that's all for tonight. I just felt like writing something. Well I'm off to bed. Good night.
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           Let's see, what to write? Today is my first day on live-journal. I've seen a lot of others but I've never tried it. I'm not a very fascinating person as of late. I mostly go to school, come home and do homework, and work on my writing. I used to go out and do a lot of things but recently I have stopped. I guess it's because I'm getting ready to move in a couple of months. Transferring to a university out in Virginia. I wonder have you ever had that feeling like there is no point in going out to meet people when you know you are just going to have to leave them behind? I guess that's what I'm feeling like now. I've moved several times in my life so it's hard to still continue to go out and meet people when I know I have to leave. I moved out to California three years ago and made a lot of friends but I lost a lot of friends back in West Virginia where i used to live. Once we all graduated everyone started to split apart since we were all going to different colleges. Now it's my turn to move. 
         But enough about the melodramatic mood. Recently I've been heavily into K-Pop and Korean dramas and variety shows. I'm telling you there are some hot guys over there in Korea. TVXQ, Big Bang, Super Junior....I could go on and on about the groups. But listening to their music you can tell how different their style is compared to American style. Like our here most lyrics have some sexual meaning to it now days and over there if they even think that a second has a sexual meaning to it, it gets banned and they won't be allowed to play it before 10 PM. (I think it's 10, it might be 11. sorry if I'm wrong) Like TVXQ's Mirotic, it got banned because they say I got you under my skin. Even though they didn't mean it in a sexual way it was still banned and they had to change the lyrics to under my sky so they could perform it during the day. But it's interesting to learn about how things over there. Through their music I started to learn about their culture and found that it is definitely some place I would love to visit. I am looking forward to Super Junior's new album in March and Big Bang's concert and solo albums this year. Taeyang did wonderful on his solo album HOT. Finally Super Junior M has returned from China to take part in Super Junior's next album. I can't wait to see all 13 on stage together again. I just watched F.T. Island's new MV Bad Woman. It was amazing but I feel sad that Wonbin is no longer part of the group. They replaced him by Song Seung Hyun. I will definitely give the new guy a chance but I will miss Wonbin's raps.
       Has anyone been watching the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers with Koo Hye Sun, Lee Minho, Kim Hyunjoong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon? It's pretty good. Lee Minho play a good Goo Joon Pyo(Tsukasa Domyoji) and Koo Hye Sun plays a good Geum Jan Di(Tsukushi Makino). It pulls me in every week and makes me anxious to see what happens next week. The actress who plays Goo Joon Pyo (Lee Hye Young) is a scary woman. She plays that part well. I would hate to have her as my mother-in-law.
       Then there is J-Pop and anime. I've been in love with anime from the time I was 11 when they first started showing Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, and Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network's Toonami many, many years ago. From watching those I started going out and buying more anime to look at. I think my collection now is just about 2400 since I last counted. I love manga too but recently I've gotten lacks on that so I couldn't tell you the lastest mangas out.
      Now before you say I am just some geek who sits in front of the computer all day, I love to dance. I've been dancing since I was three years old. I've been in many dance battles over the years. First it was ballet, jazz, and tap dance but then it switched to hip-hop and ballroom. I like to dance because it's fun and it helps me get my mind off of things that are troubling me. You know just turn on the music and let your body flow to the music. One of my favorite sayings that I always see is dance like no one is watching.
   Anyways that's my rant for the night. I started by saying I didn't know what to say but I ended up writing what looks like an essay.
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